A walk in the rain.

Time of dusk. The phase when many people step out of their house to find peace. A favoured one, when no one can see their dull facial expressions, the emotions of sorrow and grief, the sadness of loosing someone. And what can be any better if it rains.

He walked out on the streets of the silent city (chaotic during the day). Hood over his head, hands in his pocket, head slightly bent and he walked. Walked, unoblivious to his surroundings, in deep thoughts, something which was so painful that he didn’t even felt the strong and bold drops of rain.

He preferred this time, as no one is there to recognize him in the dark. When his tears of sadness mix with the raindrops, he would only be happy. He didn’t want his desire to come out. But, it hurts him and it hurts badly deep within.

It’s been 2 months he has left them, or they left him or the culprit time which separated them. A bond which can never be explained by the mere use of words. That can only be felt, and his entire squad felt it the day they all left.

He knew he would see them again, but things won’t be the same. People change with time and the process becomes faster when they all have different aims to achieve. 

He kept thinking it and tears kept rolling down his eyes, just to vanish. He is left with profound memories and ample of important days to remember. Be it the preparation of the Nukkad in a small room or the formation of an unofficial group MoFus, the visits to various archaeological sites or those annual birthday cake bites, he misses them all. They were like another family to him. He didn’t want to loose them and crave to see their faces again.

Walking for an hour brings him back to his home and like every day he hides it all within the fake smile he carries upon.

The Promise


Never raise ur hand on anyone. Do not indulge in fights and mischiefs. Don’t make mistakes and learn to forgive others. I know u’ll never let me down SON“.
My hand freezed. Sam was hiding his face. His heart was throbbing and his face bathing in sweat and blood. Taking the chance of the time, he ran inside the school building.

“How cruel is he” “He’s a monster” “NO, He’s a devil”, the voices from the crowd surrounding me. My eyes all red. I gave them a stern look. I thought to teach these people also a lesson, but those words again. They flashed into my eyes and I thwarted.
I Sighed and made my way to the washroom. Sponged my face down to remain calm. Looked into the mirror. I was feeling guity of my felony. Guilty not on buffeting the boy,
but on choosing the manner, on not having composure and predominantly on disobeying my dad and breaking the promise. My face was distorted in rage. I slapped myself. Once. Twice. Thrice. And more untill I heard Raven calling out my name. He’s my class monitor and the solo person in the school who speak to me.
“I’m here”, I answered. He entered.Dave, Are you ok? Oh my God, u r badly hurt”.
“No, m fine”, I said with a feeble smile.
“Actually, prof. Richard is looking for you and he doesn’t seem to be radiant today”, he uttered.
Damn! This was expected but not too soon, I soliloquy.
“U go, I’m just coming”, I told Raven.
I buttoned up my shirt, untangled my hair, rubbed my right shoe to the back of my left leg and started walking towards the Principal’s cabin.
Everyone in the path gave me a grim look. I shrugged off.
I pondered only what my dad told me once, “If u think u r right then no one in the world can prove u wrong”. And this time the ball was in my court.
I walked down the stairs and took the first right. Stood infront of the first door which read – Prof. Richard Holmes, Principal.
I knocked. I Saw a shadow approaching towards the door from inside the room. Sam was standing right infront of me and wihtin my range to strike him again. But I kept my cool.
“Come in Dave”, this is the voice of prof. Richard.
As i entered the room, i saw a man with his back facing me. I was stunned. i was freezed to death. I cudn’t utter a word. My legs were lifeless. I knew that person.
He’s the one who has been my world from past 8 years – my dad. This was never expected.
Tears rolled down my eyes. I cudn’t look into his eyes and just ran towards him. I fell on his legs apologising. Begging pardon for breaking the promise of not having a dual.
“I’m sorry dad. I didn’t have any intention to hurt you. But I was unable to restrain myself. I’ll never repeat it again. Please forgive me. I’m sorry”.
“I’m proud of you my son”, my dad replied while holding my shoulders. He grinned.
“We all are proud of you Dave. Stephie has explained us everything. Out of the entire crowd u were the only one to save Stephie from this imp, who has been misbehaving with her since days”, prof. said as he gave an unsparring look to Sam. I was befudled after this episode. I was being praised.
“I’m glad to see ur pluckiness that u stood alone against him when the entire crowd hooted  against you”, he added.
“Sir, everyone in the college thinks that I’m the culprit. I’m innocent. It was Sam who threw me over Stephie, I rather came in between them to stop him from beating Stephie”, I sobbed.
My father than went up on his feet and hugged me and said, “It doesn’t matter what others’ say about you, what matters is your true and fair opinion about urself”.
I was cherished and overjoyed. I hugged him more tightly.

The Adieu

As I entered Senior Boys Hostel-1, while crossing the back gate, my heart was pointing for the right hallway. i started to wander through the path, and paused at second room. My head turned towards left. The door board read “Room 120“. Everybody had heard the rumors of the terrific trio that lived there. Legends says they are brothers. I knocked. I could hear someone jumping from the bed and steps which were reaching for the door. The door unlatched. I could see a man now. We were face to face. His face looked all charmed. He smiled and greeted me in. I knew him. The person is nothing less than a north star. He is full of motivation and has an ideal dedication(‪#‎Feru‬). I turned around. My vision got interrupted. A man, so big, was sitting there. He was bigger from all dimensions. He Looked like ‘HODOR’. Alike Hodor, his heart was kind. He was the backbone of the wolf pack and could have hold the door till his last breath. He always backed up his mates(‪#‎Pratap‬). Suddenly, an interfering beam of talent and comedy took my attention. This person always wore a smile. His Photoshop skills make him unique. He was a share-keeper who was always there for us to share the secrets(‪#‎Bhati‬). Then I received a call from room no. “129“. I reached there and was glad to see a guy with a mesmerizing smile. His sincerity level was off the charts(‪#‎Respect‬). Now, my heart felt all joyed up. I ran with all my strength to the adjacent wing. I knew it was time for some fun.
As I stood at the door of the very first room I heard a huge laughter.I walked towards the door and read “117“. And then there was one more. And then again and again and again. There was no pause. So, I entered the room with a bang and saw a group of people. Their heart was made of gem and pearls. Nobody welcomed me but they all poked me with their pranks first, then were the jokes followed by some physical punches and kicks. But each activity was followed with a huge laughter. I wanted to get angry but was filled with joy. Then I observed wisely. The first one was the Sherlock guy with a devil mind and high technicality. He could extract things from others without brainstorming(‪#‎Madhav‬). His mate has the same physique but everything ended up with a splendid sense of humor and an immense love & care for his friends(‪#‎Mahi‬). Then a guy jumped in front of me.Though he was a giant and was always ready to hit his friends, yet he protected me. His power was to shower words of utter wisdom and blessing(‪#‎being_sarcastic‬)(‪#‎Motu‬). Then came a guy who was secretive and dedicated. He had the greatest mind of all. He was the root of our family tree(‪#‎Babu‬). They all welcomed me. We sat and laughed.
After an hour of laughter I felt a bit guilty. I think It was the pressure of studies. I now wanted some time for few studious talks. So ran to the room 109 and knocked it. The person living there is true from nature and highly innocent heart was of 24 caret gold. But but but, he’s the java guru(‪#‎Nannu‬).
Then i started walking towards the lobby. All were there. The air around them was all blessed. I was very happy to see all of them together. I wanted to be with them always. But as
I stepped towards them, I received a pat on my back.
“Who is that”?
I was now conscious. I ran my eyes in all directions and looked to my left. I could only see Rishi and Vyom. I turned around. Ayushya was running towards us.
I turned around again. They were all gone.There were only four of us in the lobby.
They have left. They left us with an immense bunch of memories that can never ever be forgotten. We’ll miss them. We’ll really really miss them.

Editor: Abhinav Kumar Singh.


Indian political parties back on track?

We are in 21st century, first day of its 16th year and twitter is entirely occupied by the central government who are literally on a rolllll!!! What a common citizen would wish to see in his/her democratic country can easily be witnessed now in India. The fight for the seat has come to the right extent. Each party has been trying hard since independence by various Machiavellian ways, but now in the right direction.
Their ways to impress the public has taken a glorious step. Finally, the parties are working for the good of the people . Trying to overcome the other by not only criticizing them (which always has been a trend) but now working more hard and implementing new strategies. As we all know that the NDA government ministers are now literally working for the country and instances can be many. Whether it be the Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu, or External Affairs Minister, Ms. Sushma Swaraj, they have come up to our expectations. As our PM Modi and his team have dedicated themselves to the country, in the same way, the AAP leader, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, has also pulled up his socks and now trying hard to curb the Delhi pollution by the ODD-EVEN rule. The idea taken by the CM and team is commendable but requires the support of the citizens.
Apart from these, Akhilesh Yadav, UP CM, has come up with a welcome rule i.e. the bann of Polythene bags in the state. His step is admirable. Witnessing such a revolution taking place, i can say, “Acche din door nhi hain”.


Which way are we going?

The most trending topic, “Is it necessary to stand during National Anthem”? Well, there is something we should think about. In this speedy growing world, why we are raising such stupid questions. Now Common sense is something which is required. There is no other guy who can answer to these sort of questions but you. Take a minute from your busy schedule, sit alone and think about it. Do not care of the constitution in this case whether it asks you to stand up or not..coz there are many other rules of constitution which u hardly obey. This is something different. Let me give you some basic examples and these all are general cases. You touch feet of your elders (#respect), you stand when your teacher/ officer/ manager/ etc enters (#respect), you give your seat to an old man or a woman in a bus or train (#respect) and many more. Most of us do these things not because we are forced to do, but because it comes from within. Same is the case here. It should come from within.
We can dance for hours in parties, we can play in scorching heat for entire day, we can go for trekking with friends, visit beautiful places and many more, but yes we cannot stand for a 52 secs anthem. May be it is the most hectic part of life!!!
This incident took place at a cinema hall during a movie. When a family didn’t stood for the national anthem and the other spectators forced the family to leave the hall. We cannot say whether the family was wrong in this case because their views and thoughts may vary but yes the spectators were wrong. What has been shown in the video is a guy losing his temper and getting angry on the family. You were not suppose to force them. You should have just said few lines which made you stand for the anthem, and your part is over. Now it is the second persons’ mentality to take it in which manner.
Talking about mentality, when a couple is asked whether kissing in public is right or wrong? The most common answer we receive, “If we can piss in public than we can kiss in public”. wowwwww… But guys guys guys….who has given u the permission to piss in public. It is against the protocols and ethics. So as ur equation says, one should AVOID pissing AND kissing in public. And again, its up to you.


Hundred mouths hundred views !!

While i Was watching the movie pk last night, suddenly a well renowned word struck my mind “SECULARISM”. Each one of us might have witnessed this word. What does it actually refers to? Secularism in India means equal treatment of all religions by the state.
When we say that India is a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic country ,then it also means that we can worship any religion we wish. To be more precise there is no restriction in worshiping HIM in any way, at any time and at any place. A country like India provides its citizen the Right to Religion. So, no issues should be raised on a Christian bride for wearing a white gown in her wedding which Hindus wear during a death of their loved ones and on the Muslim women for wearing black ‘hijab’ which Christians wear when they bid final farewell to those who leave this mortal world.
But Yes, the focus should be on the only concept which every religion teaches us – Respect Every Religion.

Democracy BY the people / BUY the people.

India is a democratic country. Is it really?

What do we understand by Democracy?
“A system of government in which all the people of a country are involved in making decisions about its affairs, typically by voting to elect representatives to a parliament.”
Very correct. Also it includes something like “BY THE PEOPLE”. Does your stomach bobbles here a bit. Is it really what we see? Or there’s bit of a change in it? A BIT?

Yes. it is right that we elect our representatives by casting our votes, But do we chose our representative on the basis on which we should chose? Or on the basis of what amount we receive? We wish for a good government and we choose our leaders in a wrong way.
Our leaders follow a tradition of “GHAR-GHAR DASTAK” and providing some “KHARCHA-PAANI” in return of our just one vote. And then the same government who once was against his opponents’ way of governing, join hands with him to work together. This is done with a fear that they may lose power in the upcoming elections and people won’t vote for them.
So, instead of being elected BY the people, they BUY them. Much More money is spent on this. Had they made the right use of their power, the people would have given their votes happily. But the reality is, public is GOD to them only 6 months before the elections and after that………..i think we all know it.

For a good governance and a better life of the people, the leaders as well as the public should understand their rights and stick to them. Then we can say proudly, India is a democratic country and we are proud to be an Indian.

Heya Guys!!

This is my first official blog. I’ll be writing on topics which are a bit uncommon in today’s scenario and which most people prefer skipping. Here the topics discussed will have various perceptions.

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